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SINCE 1988

We Place Software Sales, PreSales, Customer Success and related Talent

You have many of choices when you need someone to help you find the talent you need for success. Not every recruiter will understand your needs nor keep your best interest in mind. We will. Since 1988 we’ve helped companies identify and hire the talent they need for success. Our experience and know how can shorten the path to GOOD HIRES.

We look for candidates with the right EXPERIENCE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS to do the job. In addition we also profile talent for CAREER STABILITY, INTELLIGENCE, DRIVE, INTEGRITY, EXPECTATIONS and GRIT. It takes an experienced recruiter to know where and how to look for talent as well as how to recognize and attract the right candidates even if they aren’t looking for a job change.

The candidates we present are top performers in Software Sales, PreSales, Customer Success and related disciplines from the industries you work.
Leader Institute, Inc. was founded in 1988 and rebranded as PeopleStaff in 1994 just at the beginning of the PeopleSoft Y2K growth frenzy.  We have placed hundreds of functional and technical experts responsible for the running of ERP systems across the USA. Since then we have added a focus in leading edge industry software sales, presales, customer success and related talent roles.

We offer recruitment approaches to meet our client’s needs and budgets.

Give us your Talent Challenge

  • Supplemental Zip Recruiter posting, review, profiling, interviewing processing and hiring services
  • Contract recruiting (per time, project, or other) to help or manage all phases of recruitment efforts
  • Retingency (contract recruiting with incentive per hire)
  • Contingency recruitment (pay only when you hire)
  • Retainer recruitment
  • Talent marketing
  • other – what works for you

Customer List

Rick Zabor


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be a good technology recruiter but it doesn’t hurt.

Rick Zabor founded Leader Institute, Inc. in 1988 and trademarked as PeopleStaff in 1994. Rick is a former engineer / scientist but also has had roles in education and sports coaching. Rick graduated with a BS Physics and an advanced degree in Engineering. He has been placing talent for technical and tech business markets since 1987.