helpBelow are 8 Tips for Successful Recruitment. The real value of any recruiting effort is realized when a manager make a good hire.  Every hiring opportunity is a “Career” building opportunity for the hiring manager. Getting the right people on board should be a high priority for the manager because it will help make him or her more successful. Sadly the recruiting effort is often an afterthought and thought to be a pain in the butt for most managers. Let’s make it better.

  1. WORK DIRECTLY WITH THE HIRING MANAGER(s)– it is the manager that needs to be satisfied and accurate, timely and detailed feedback will result in better Search work and better hires.
  2. START WITH THE RIGHT UNDERSTANDING – go beyond just a job description and understand the need and expectations for the position from a performance perspective. Interview the hiring team and create detailed and positive job descriptions which can be used for communications with candidates and referrals.
  3. CREATE CANDIDATE RATING PROFILES – (see sample to better compare and rate candidates based on the talent and performance parameters.
  4. KEY: DEFINE SEARCH PLAN / INITIALIZE RESEARCH – this is the heart of a successful Search. If you are looking in the wrong places you will not get exposed to the best candidates for your need. The best talent isn’t looking for a job so you have to identify and recruit them. Create a shareable Recruit Sheet (Sample:
  5. PRIORTIZE AND CONTACT CANDIDATES – you research list includes initial data and ratings. Contact and network with the best potential candidates first. Lists include contact info, resumes, linkedin profiles and other information keep at your finger tips.
  6. SCREEN AND PRESENT – make it easy for the manager to see a candidate’s value with a short summary and profile information along with a resume. Note any concerns upfront. Don’t waste time with marginal candidates!
  7. EVERY INTERVIEW INFORMATIVE AND PLEASANT – The first interview should be short and direct to determine if additional time should be spent in follow up interviews. Work to complete candidate rating profiles noted above. Make every interview a pleasant and informative experience for the manager and the candidate so that if there is a decision to move forward both are ready.
  8. DRIVE THE PROCESS TO HIRE – a champion is needed to drive the recruiting process to hire. Get the info and commitments needed to make good decisions.

Step 4 above, the development of a RecruitSheet is a real value since it can be re-used in future searches for similar candidates. The hiring manager can also use this RecruitSheet to build his own professional network.

Author: Rick Zabor

Engineer / Scientist / Researcher turned Recruiter in 1987. Interested in the best way to do things and mixing with people who have passions for life. Writes on topics important to building winning teams and personal growth and accomplishment. Connect with me on Linkedin. Lives in Atlanta, GA.