Two  Google Tools to Help Organize Recruiting and Hiring

Recent advances in the Google apps spreadsheet application called SHEETS can be utilize by recruiting teams in hiring managers too much advantage.  If you are not using an applicant tracking system (ATS), you should be using a tool like Sheets and literally everyone involved with recruiting and hiring will be on the same page. Even if you have an ATS this is a very valuable too.

TOOL #1 : A Google Research SHEET

I have created an example sheet for your review. You can also download, modify and then upload your own tracking Sheet.

Basic PeopleStaff Research Sheet to Share

The sample Sheet isn’t editable or sortable until you download and create your own copy and is provided as a good starting template.


  • Low cost. Included in Google apps
  • Customizable. Modify your columns to your specific need.
  • One page spreadsheet view so you can see the status of your recruiting project
  • Share with many users simultaneously
  • Sortable by location, name, compensation etc.
  • Can create reports and run calculations
  • Links to Linkedin Profiles, resumes, and calculated score Candidate Profiles


If you post a job: Enter candidate data as you get candidates applying for a job. In this way you can see at a glance the status of all of your candidates.

If you are an active networker: Enter candidate data as you meet and rate candidates in your network. When the need to recruit arises use the spreadsheet to jumpstart your search.

If you are starting a search from scratch: For a more aggressive approach have someone research and build a talent pool for you.  Update the spreadsheet as candidates are reached, qualified and profiled. Candidate contact info, links to profiles and resumes can be preserved and shared for later searches.


TOOL #2:  A Google Candidate Profile SHEET

You can also use the Google apps SHEETS to create a custom rating and note taking platform. These sheets can be shared amongst collaborators and be used to compare candidates. The sample sheet below has been created for candidates to be rated in 6 categories with variable skills in each category. The SHEET can be downloaded, modify did and used for your own profile.

The sample Sheet isn’t editable until you download and create your own copy and is provided as a good starting template.

Basic PeopleStaff Profile to Share

This Profile idea is powerful in that it will help a company capture rating criteria that can be used historically. If the criteria is sound the profile can be used to rate candidates and make selection even if the typical champion hiring authority isn’t involved.

This specific Profile with its calculations needs to be tested should you change the number of criteria from 6 criteria. Once a rating is attained it can be placed in the research sheet used to track candidates.


  • Can be used to come up with a consensus candidate rating and compare candidates for a job
  • Low cost. Included in Google apps
  • Customizable. Modify your categories and skills as well as interviewers, weighing function to your specific need.
  • Can be placed on the research sheet as an objective data point
  • Share with many users simultaneously

Author: Rick Zabor

Engineer / Scientist / Researcher turned Recruiter in 1987. Interested in the best way to do things and mixing with people who have passions for life. Writes on topics important to building winning teams and personal growth and accomplishment. Connect with me on Linkedin. Lives in Atlanta, GA.