Charles Brian Quinn CEO of Big Nerd Ranch

Charles Brian Quinn CEO of Big Nerd Ranch on “Culture of Learning”

Today 3/6/14 Thursday  TAG Entrepreneurs and Featured Speakers Presents Charles Brian Quinn, CEO, Big Nerd Ranch (BNR) on the “Culture of Learning”  Held 11:30 am to 1 pm at Hodges Room in the Centergy Building 75 Fifth Street NW near Georgia Tech.

There were about 50 people in attendance. There was a good networking opportunity to network with other professionals for 30 minutes prior to the talk and pizza and refershment were served. .

The meeting started and ended on time. The presenter Charles Brian Quinn did an outstand job in his presentation engaging the audience with a mix of facts, insight and humor. BNR might be a fun and rewarding place to work if one was an app developer, instructor or writer and had a thirst for learning.

BNR is know in 4 areas: creating books, training materials, provides corporate training and app development. Quinn said that they are well known and “loved” in the app development community. .

Quinn focus was on describing BNR’s “Culture of Learning”.

They hire employee that are good coders, instructors and writers for sure but they look for employees that are “curious” too. They also instill in some guidelines for employee to follow. Employees are to strive to be ADEPT, VALUABLE and PROFITABLE in their work. Quinn that that these core values along with curiosity has kept them successful.

Quinn brought up the concept of The Shiny Path which they use for teaching. The concept is to introduce new tools as the student recognizes the need for them. As an example Quinn used a story of a student and a teacher headed on a quest are interrupted by an impassable boundry. After some deliberation the teacher reaches into his pocket and pulls out a tool with the student uses to remove the boundry. Quinn said that the best learning occurs keeping this process in mind. Introduce useful tools as they are needed and build on their introduction to get to your final destination.

Some other devices BNR uses are get togethers around something he called:
Nerd Learning
Tech Talks
Teaching Club
Clash of the Coders

To sum,Charles Brian Quinn did a great job in his presentation and The audience engaged. The question session at the end had to be stopped due to time limits but I’m sure would’ve continued as discussions were lively and informative.


Author: Rick Zabor

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