Out of curiosity I attended this TAG event which showcased several of the local intern, co-op and specialty programs in the local community. The event was held at Jabian Consulting headquarters ( 1117 Perimeter Center West, Atlanta, GA 30338 ) and was nicely attended with about 30 service providers and 30+ attendees. My attendance allowed me to reach an interesting conclusion about these programs and how they might be more impactful. Refreshments were available for participants. Tables were set up in a conference room showcasing programs provided by local organization. Two member company representatives presented their experiences working with interns and one intern spoke about her experience.

What is the TAG-Ed Collaborative? TAG Education Collaborative’s focus on STEM education initiatives can provide the resources and bandwidth to ensure programs thrive, even in a challenging non-profit environment. The TAG Education Collaborative is the only organization of its kind offering access to thousands of potential volunteers, many of whom have relevant domain expertise.

I did have a chance to speak with providers from Southern Polytech State University, Kidz2leader, Inc, the Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology, Georgia Tech, Kennesaw State University, Georgia State, and DeVry University but a few others were present too. The event ran from 4 – 6 pm.

Michael Robertson the Director of TAG-Ed Collaborative stated that today there are over 4000 unfilled tech job openings amongst TAG’s membership. In my opinion this is a problem that should not exist here in Atlanta. Atlanta is full of qualified, interested and motivated talent yet companies cannot find the talent or the talent cannot find the companies. Are our recruitment and placement programs broken? Solving this problem is where our local education and training schools can really contribute. Probably 80% of those unfilled jobs and future talent needs could be filled by operating more aggressive, cooperative and business oriented intern like programs.

Schools like these that showcased can make a profound impact on filling jobs and improving productivity while enhancing their student’s lives just by running stronger internship like programs. Today’s programs are mostly passive but could change to impact by tweaking the motivations and structures already in place. Internship like programs can provide the student with valuable hands-on work experience and the partner companies receive good resources at a lower cost. But the real value of such programs could be in the improvement of efficiency in the recruiting and placement process. The “try before you commit approach” can help each party make better career and hiring decisions without much risk!

The value of aggressive internship like programs should not be overlooked but often is.


TAG-Ed Event Review

Author: Rick Zabor

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