This TAG luncheon event held at Pampas Steakhouse in Alpharetta, GA 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Nov 15, 2012.  The event was packed with about 60 attendees, started and finished on time, and we were provide with choice and a delicious meal.

Monty  Hamilton  ( ) CEO of Rural Sourcing describes the company : Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI) is the leader in domestic sourcing, a cost-effective alternative to off shoring for technology development and the ongoing support and maintenance for critical business applications. RSI leverages IT skilled resources in our Centers of Excellence which are located on or near universities in rural America. Due to a lower cost of living and our proven delivery methods RSI is able to provide costs savings of 60-70% for our clients. Well trained employees with a strong work ethic living in low cost cities enable RSI to deliver exceptional value for our clients. Inherently, this value comes without the obstacles of time zones, distance, language, and geopolitical risks associated with offshore models.


Monty’s presentation wasn’t so much about rural sourcing as it was about inspiration. Inspiration, Monty pointed out, is often fueled by the “Why” reason for doing something. He showed a 2 minute YouTube clip by Simon Sinek giving a talk on TED “Start with Why” ( ) to make a point. Monty also used Green Bay quarterback and super bowl MVP, Aaron Rogers as an example of what people can accomplish when they are inspired even if it isn’t easy. Monty said that even though Rogers did not receive one college football scholarship offer he was driven to be successful. With the proper motivation people can be successful even if it isn’t easy.
Small-market or rural locations do not typically offer challenging and good paying jobs for techies so techies often move to bigger markets. The people that stay behind for the lifestyle often pursue other career paths.
Monty’s company is creating good jobs and giving opportunities to talented techies in small-market location in ways that could occur otherwise. People living in these regions live in the area were quality of life. Monty has an aggressive plan to create 3000 new tech jobs by establishing centers in rural, low cost-of-living cities across the USA.
I believe that the concept of rural sourcing is a sound one and is a possible source of large-scale job creation. To be successful client companies need to have to appreciate the value of well-managed teams of appropriate talent and be able to trust the management and talent of the sourcing centers.
We might take the concept of rural sourcing one step further and introduce an idea of “remote sourcing “. Remote sourcing centers of excellence can be created in both rural and/or  larger markets and utilized in a way to make the talent/need the equation much more effective. The talent acquisition process today is very costly in ineffective – and it doesn’t need to be. But that is the topic for a later blog.


Author: Rick Zabor

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