On Wednesday 10/26/12 I attended the TAG Orientation meeting which is held several times per year. This was a very good meeting and I recommend anyone that is a member of TAG or is considering joining to attend the next time it’s offered.

I attended even though I’ve been a TAG member from many years and in fact was a founding member of the original Business & Technology Group in the late 80’s early 90’s. I was curious to see what the event was like.
The next time it is offered is November 8th 2012  (To Register: go to http://bit.ly/UNkWJx and click register

The meeting started on time and had about 50 people in attendance at the UPS Corporate Center. Refreshments were well stocked and delicious including soft drinks, coffee, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and delicious cookies. It also finished on time about 1.5 hours later.
The meeting was hosted by Casey Dudek, Director of Corporate Relations gave a good overview for the purpose of tag, an introduction to the tech societies, and encouraged us all to get involved. Most of the people that I met were all interested in learning about ways that they could contribute to the association and make Atlanta and Georgia an even better place for technology. There was a very positive atmosphere for sharing and learning. Tino Mantella, President of TAG finished with his closing remarks.
1.    TAG’s mission and vision
2.    TAG societies
3.    Women in Technology ( WIT)
4.    TAG major events
5.    Professional Development
6.    Affiliate Organizations
7.    TAG Educational Collaborative
8.    Government and Public Affairs

Let’s work together to create something good. I welcome comments, ideas, and suggestions.


Author: Rick Zabor

Engineer / Scientist / Researcher turned Recruiter in 1987. Interested in the best way to do things and mixing with people who have passions for life. Writes on topics important to building winning teams and personal growth and accomplishment. Connect with me on Linkedin. Lives in Atlanta, GA.