Blake Lewin

On Wed 10/10/12 I attended a TAG Entertainment Society presentation by Blake Lewin entitled, ” Video Games: Art, Sport or Social Distraction?” This event was appropriately held at the Woodruff Arts Center with about 25 interested people attending. Is gaming or next darling industry? Below is some of what I learned about the  Atlanta Gaming Industry.

I attended the meeting not because I am a gamer ( I haven’t played video games except a handful of times in my life )  but because I have come to view gaming as an important way to engage participants in learning activities and I was curious about the potential of Atlanta becoming a Center of Excellence for the gaming industry. Blake did a very good job in his presentation and allowed me to begin to understand the industry and learn about Atlanta’s potential in it.

Blake Lewin is President of TransGaming Digital Home in Atlanta and very experienced in the industry having earlier roles at GameTree TV, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., the inventor or GameTap, Turner’s first broadband entertainment network, was executive producer on Cyan Worlds’ Myst Online, and many active in many other endeavors. You can see his linkedin profile at:

As you might expect, the presentation was put together well and very entertaining. Blake gave a good historical overview of the gaming industry and worked to set its place for prominence as an important form of media in the 21st century. He said several times that “gaming as a media source will be as important in the 21st century as film and TV were in the 20th century” (paraphrased).  With this thought in mind I realize that we are still at the beginnings of a very powerful media type. A media type that will engage it’s users in ways that might not have been explored yet and with huge market potential.

What are the possibilities of Atlanta becoming a Center of Excellence for the creating and delivery of gaming media? In many respects Atlanta already has a presence in the gaming industry but what did concern me is hearing that many of our best and brightest are being siphoned away to other companies with stronger industry offerings in the West and the Northeast. Atlanta has developed a good source of talent for the gaming industry with gaming related degree programs at local universities, a strong media and entertainment industry base, and people with the talent, power and passion to get things done.

Why shouldn’t Atlanta become dominant in the gaming industry as it develops in the 21st century? With a bit more Atlanta industry vision, collaboration and focus couldn’t we Atlantans create a Center of Innovation to produce gaming media to engage for personal satisfaction and growth? With all of the talent we have in Atlanta and with our desire to innovate, incubate and succeed maybe Gaming could become our darling growth industry.

Let’s work together to create something good.  I welcome comments, ideas, and suggestions.



Author: Rick Zabor

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