The Teamability Report is a new tool to help the manager craft and manage a better team AND for you to make sure your career and life choices can be more productive and satisfying. Today almost everything we do is team related even when we don’t recognize it. The TGI Teamability Report and Your Role on a Team applies to many areas. Marriage is a team. Your work environment is a team or even if you think not then your business relationships are team oriented. Your family is a team. Our schools are a team etc. Knowing how to use this simple tool can help you make choices that will enhance your productivity (your team’s productivity) and individual satisfaction.

Hundreds of assessment products are available today to help the organization and the individual learn about various aspects of a person’s or their own personality, intelligence, behavior and character. Costs run from five dollars for a simple character survey to several thousand for a 360° look at an individual. Only recently has the Teamability Report been made available to predict how a person will perform on a team. Team performance will become increasingly valuable as we continue to develop as an interdependent, complex and fast-paced society.

The Teamability Report is sometimes referred to as “The Technology for Teaming” because of it uses technology and some simple constructs to make teaming better.


The Technology for Teaming is based on a 35-year foundation of individual and collaborative research by Dr. Janice Presser and Dr. Jack Gerber and has just recently become available online at a cost of around $80 per report. The technology has evolved to measure how a person will interact on a team by presenting the candidate with 10 carefully chosen movie scenes and asking a few questions about which actor’s role they most closely identify with and least identify with for each scene. If you think about it, a movie shares a lot of similarities with a business initiative. Like the cast in a film, business team members engage in a series of events, dealing with various problems and opportunities that eventually lead to a satisfactory conclusion. This simple concept, which is designed to engage the mind in the context of ‘teaming,’ overlays a sophisticated, proprietary technology that interprets behavior and generates the Teamability Reports.


The  reports are simple to read and meaningful from the individual and team perspective. They cover the areas below.

•Role: the affinity for specific modes of service to an organization

•Coherence: expressed as positive, flexible, constructive teaming behaviors

•Teaming Characteristics: individual styles of responding and relating to others

•Job-Fit: the right people performing the right tasks

•Role-Pairing: known, replicable synergies between specific Roles

Take the simple idea that people perform best when they are doing work that is in alignment with one or more of the 10 different roles identified by the reports. When both the manager and the individual work to align a job responsibility with Role(s) and pair individuals with Roles together the team comes together for higher overall productivity and satisfaction.

The Teamability Report and Your Role on a Team

Knowing your own Role(s) and level of Coherence can help you make better career and life decisions. The assessment takes about 40 minutes to complete online and is interesting and somewhat fun to take. You do have to think and make choices in a way you might not have been aware that you do on a regular basis. Using the tool will help you learn about yourself and make it easier for you to make choices that will enhance your productivity and individual satisfaction.

Rick Zabor

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Author: Rick Zabor

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